Tea House Theatre

Winner of Time Out Love London Awards 2014, 2016 & 2018!

We are based in an old Victorian public house that opened in 1886 on the site of the Vauxhall Pleasure Gardens; immortalised as the ‘Vanity Fair’ in Thackeray’s eponymous novel.

We serve some of the best loose leaf teas available, proper sandwiches and homemade cakes; not to mention the best full English breakfast in London. Our teas have individual subtle flavours which would be overpowered by the instant, coarse, hit of coffee, so we do not sell it.

We make our own marmalade and jams, all for sale by the jar and all our teas can be bought by the ounce. Our meat comes from our local butcher and our fruit and vegetables from the local market gardens around us.

We are trying to be different. We will not hurry you. If you visit us on your lunch break, then have one, you will be more productive in the afternoon. If you want to have a meeting, we will not disturb you. If you are ‘working from home’, we have wifi. If you have children, we have highchairs, a chest of toys, and milkshakes. We always have the daily papers, so please, relax, and share in what we are trying to create, take a load off, and have a cuppa.

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Jules Evans on the art of losing control

Humans have always sought ecstatic experiences – moments where they go beyond their ordinary self and feel connected to something greater than them. Such moments are fundamental to human flourishing, but they can also be dangerous.

Beginning around the Enlightenment, western intellectual culture has written off ecstasy as ignorance or delusion. But philosopher Jules Evans argues that this diminishes our reality and denies us the healing, connection and meaning that ecstasy can bring.

How do we find ego-transcendence in a post-religious culture? How can we find it in healthy ways while avoiding the risks? We'll look at some of the varieties of modern ecstasy, from rock & roll to psychedelics, from contemplation to war and extremist politics. 

Jules' new book, The Art of Losing Control, will be on sale at the event. You can win a free copy by sharing this article on Facebook or Twitter (we'll pick a winner randomly from those who share it) : http://www.philosophyforlife.org/why-getting-out-of-our-head-is-good-for-us/

The talk will start at 7pm, and be the usual format - two 25-minute halves with a group discussion in the middle, followed by Q&A. See you there! 

Earlier Event: May 17
Later Event: May 19
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